Having studied film and dance professionally, Kayla Jeanson employs an improvised and evolutive approach to filmmaking, which equips her well for work in documentary cinema and live event filming environments. She loves deeply investigating what makes an industry move, and she often will do company profiles or making-of videos to reveal the hard work of folks behind the scenes of projects and companies.

Kayla’s signature style of filming movement, informed by her background in contemporary dance, has established her as a specialist in screendance and circus film. She has developed a method for performing arts documentation called cinematic documentation: through continuous filming and choreoraphed camera work, the audience experiences a performance that is subtly filmic while preserving the actual performance’s timing.

“Thank you for your presence, your eye, your talent and your synchronized and powerful work with movements, images and human beings! We shine brighter ✨ and closer to hearts ❤️ thanks to your inspiring work!”

Alex Pham, Directrice du marketing et des communications, Le Monastère Cabaret du CirqueLINKEDIN RECOMMENDATION

Kayla Jeanson aims to create a positive environment for her collaborators and clients, approaching subjects with curiosity and nonjudgment and aiming to
represent them with honesty and dignity.

She is also an instructor and mentor in video production, having guided individuals and groups in all stages of film creation including camera training and post-production basics. Kayla has taught through accredited colleges, artist-run centres, elementary and secondary schools, service organizations and charities, as well as privately. If you are interested in learning video production, please contact her.