Interdisciplinary artist in dance, video, and theatre | About
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Kayla Jeanson is an interdisciplinary artist who works in dance, video, and film media. Her short film and video work has screened internationally at festivals including IndieCork Festival (UK), San Diego Underground Film Festival, Backup_festival (Germany), Melbourne Underground Film Festival (Australia), Gimli Film Festival (Manitoba), Rendezvous with Madness (Toronto), Screamdance (Brooklyn), and Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Notable work includes Descrambled Eggs (awarded the O’Bheal Poetry Film Award in 2017), Walrus Sausage (created with animators Jocelyne Le Leannec and Rylaan Gimby), the TV series Historicity (produced by Peter Jordan), and her choreography for Madison Thomas’ film Exposed Nerves (now found on CBC’s website).

Kayla has worked with artists including Danielle Sturk, Peter Quanz, Ming Hon, and Stephanie Ballard, incorporating video into their live performances. In 2017, Kayla was selected for the Young Lungs Dance Exchange Research Series and was mentored by Freya Olafson, resulting in the experimental screendance work Labyrinthitis. Erika MacPherson is currently mentoring Kayla through Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art Foundation Mentorship Program.

Kayla has served as video documentalist for Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria and AXEL. As an archival performance videographer, Kayla has worked for Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Jolene Bailie and Gearshifting Performance Works, Toronto Dance Theatre, and Montreal Danse. Kayla is on the board of Video Pool Media Arts Centre and is actively involved in many Winnipeg-based artist-run centres. She trained in the Senior Professional Program at the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg and holds a B.A. (Adv) in Film Studies from the University of Manitoba.

Kayla’s CV.