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Performer: Kelsey Todd. Photography by Kayla Jeanson View Detail

Bands vs. Filmmakers

Music by Hana Lulu. Performances by Aureliane Bottero, Helena Colley, Brianna Fergusson, Warren McClelland, and Kelsey Todd.

wcd premieres crutch View Detail

WCD premieres CRUTCH

This incredibly powerful show was a pleasure to shoot, and the end result is kind of fantastic. Debbie Patterson and Johanna Riley come together in this work by Brent Lott, Artistic Director of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. There are times that …

Presider - Kelsey on floor View Detail

The Presider

A collaborative creation with Winnipeg-based dancer Kelsey Todd, finished January 2014. This short film (5:35 min) represents a modern woman’s navigation through the expectations of a society steeped in tradition: religious and otherwise. Excerpts of this film can be seen …

Kayr with projection on him View Detail


Music video directed and shot by Kayla Jeanson for KayR song “Doubt” ft. David James.

LIG View Detail

The Lady in Grey

Edited this short film.

set and reset View Detail

Set and Re-Set

This is a short video I shot and edited featuring some of the highlights from Jolene Bailie’s site-specific contemporary dance work “Set and Re-Set” (part of Nuit Blanche at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2013). There was a lot of great …

My reason for creating [films]
is almost as if I would dance,
except this is a much
more marvelous dance.
It’s because in film,
I can make the world dance!

Maya Deren






After graduating from the University of Manitoba’s Film Studies program in 2011, I set about creating films and videos at a rapid pace. I am often called upon to work as a technician as a dance choreography archivist; my exposure to many genres and styles of performance art has greatly informed my own work.

I treat camera work like dancing – very aware of movement and composition. I treat editing like choreography, the careful choosing of shots.

While I am frequently preoccupied with dance (having studied it for many years), I am aching to try new projects. I welcome any inquiries regarding documentaries, commercial work, music videos, television shows, web series, feature films, etc. I have done a little of everything!

Please examine the other tabs below to learn more about my specific areas of expertise.




I have been fortunate enough to work with such artists and companies as Rachel Browne, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Toronto Dance Theatre, Gear Shifting Performing Arts, NAfro Dance Company, Young Lungs Dance Exchange, Ming Hon, Q Dance, The School of Contemporary Dancers, and Nova Dance.

The occasional theatre show, promo video, or music video comes my way. Past clients include Theatre Projects Manitoba, Camerata Nova, KayR, Rob Gee, Giuseppe Condello… the list goes on and on (especially due to the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival!)

I have done a lot of video for web (promotional and documentary), specifically with PO-MO Inc and UN1TE Dance Company. I particularly enjoy engaging a web community, often looking to Twitter and Facebook to expand my reach beyond the usual video platforms.




Le Dernier Soir (a hybrid documentary-and-music-video) was awarded “Best Cinematography” and “Best Documentary” at the University of Winnipeg Student Film Festival in 2012. Since then, I have created many short works and submitted to festivals around North America.

Collaboration and work for other artists has led me from the comfort of web video into the realms of film and television.

Please click here to see my filmmaking CV (as of February 2014).


Honestly, I do way too many things


Frankly, my work spans too many categories for me to properly iterate here.

AUDIO: I have worked as an audio editor for Marquis Dance Academy teachers for about 13 years, preparing music for performances. I record audio at a variety of functions, including the Manitoba Provincial Dance Festival.

WRITING: I spent the summer of 2013 with the Greatest Summer Job – blogging every day from Red River College’s downtown residence. I write a bunch of things, from grant applications to screenplays to poetry. On a good day, I get whole pages done.

TEACHING: I love teaching, and I love choreographing pieces for students.

COFFEE CREATION: I was a barista at [ahem] a well known coffee chain. Life skills I wouldn’t give up for anything.

Is XOXO over? I guess. Hoping some @songadaymann will cure these blues

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