Thoughts on International Dance Day

What does a career in dance look like? Once upon a time, I had a narrow field of vision for what a dance career could be. I thought you were a dancer, a dance teacher, or a choreographer. That’s it.

Because I’m technically inclined, I got pulled into editing music for dance at a young age (a maestro of sorts?). Since then, I have worked as a producer, theatre director, film director, choreographer, dancer, stage manager, audio technician, lighting designer, projection designer, costume designer… but not all jobs are quite as glamorous.

I spent some time in the Dance Manitoba office today, where 2 dance professionals are working steadfastly to prepare for the provincial dance festival (which starts Monday). Sometimes, dance-related work involves photocopying programs and adjudication forms. It involves phone calls and meetings and grant applications and web design and pulling tables into the lobby for DVD orders.

And yet, what brought us here, to this theatre? For me, this is a constant – the love of dance. It’s cheesy, but enjoying human movement is what connects all of these activities to me. And at the end of the day, whether the show is an edgy contemporary dance show at AceArt gallery, a Chinese New Year performance at Pantages Playhouse, or a class of 10 little nuggets bouncing to “Baby Bumblebee” at the Gas Station Theatre, it is all part of the same category, the same niche that seems small but is actually wide and so, so impactful. We are all here because of dance.