Interdisciplinary artist in dance, video, and theatre | Le Dernier Soir (2011)
Kayla Jeanson is a multidisciplinary artist in dance, film, and circus, who specializes in documentary video of live arts and contemporary choreography.
Kayla Jeanson, dance, choreography, video, artist, videgrapher, circus, cirque du soleil, contemporary, film, filmmaker, winnipeg, montreal, canada, canadian, creator, documentary
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Le Dernier Soir (2011)

About This Project

A music video created for Bazen en Helden, an electronic music trio from the Netherlands (now known as Ducked Ape).

I worked with PO-MO (Meghan Athavale et al) and a bunch of fantastic kids that volunteered their time to make masks and push around projections of unicorns in a shopping cart in the West End neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba.