Interdisciplinary artist in dance, video, and theatre | Descrambled Eggs (2015)
Kayla Jeanson is a multidisciplinary artist in dance, film, and circus, who specializes in documentary video of live arts and contemporary choreography.
Kayla Jeanson, dance, choreography, video, artist, videgrapher, circus, cirque du soleil, contemporary, film, filmmaker, winnipeg, montreal, canada, canadian, creator, documentary
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Descrambled Eggs (2015)

Dance, Film
About This Project

“…a thoroughly cohesive piece with choreography, timing in camera, locations, props, performances etc” (Lani O’Hanlon & Shaun O’Connor)

Collaboration with poet Steve Currie.

Winner: Audience Favourite, F-Wordz 2015. Best Poetry Film, O’Bheal Poetry Film Competition, IndieCork 2017.

2017Topanga Film Festival
2017Vancouver Island Short Film Festival
2017O’Bheal Poetry Film Competition (Winner), IndieCork
2016NSI Online Film Festival
2015F-Wordz Showcase
2015Park Theatre (Winnipeg)
2015Gimli Film Festival