From dance films to promotional web videos

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Shenanigans at Sunset

A whimsical lamentation on a seemingly bygone era, Shenanigans at Sunset follows a quirky dinner theatre troupe in the small town of Oak Bank, Manitoba, as it prepares for its 23rd season. With a cast of 20 members and 14 …

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Exposed Nerves

Choreographed movement for Madison Thomas’ short film Exposed Nerves. Screenings: Oct 2016 – imagineNATIVE Nov 2016 – Rendezvous with Madness

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2 episode TV series co-produced with Peter Jordan, William Jordan, John Titley, and Rylaan Gimby. Cinematography and editing by Kayla Jeanson.

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…to be alone…

A dance/horror film made from documentation of Alex Elliott’s choreographic work of the same name. More info to come.

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Descrambled Eggs

Collaboration with poet Steve Currie. Winner: Audience Favourite, F-Wordz 2015. F-Wordz Showcase, Park Theatre (Winnipeg) & Gimli Film Festival 2015. NSI Online Film Festival 2016.

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Push Parade

Sitting by the dark ocean, a young man is stalked by ghouls emerging from the waves and shadows. He may succumb to their cold grip, or perhaps to his own terror. This film is a reflection of my experiences at …

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Forever in Blue Jeans

Choreography by Ming Hon, performances by Kayla Henry, Ali Robson, and Natasha Torres-Garner.

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Co-directed and shot this music video for Winnipeg rapper Employee of the Month. Took some real risks with that beach sequence – you can see one firework shooting right at us at the end.

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Created this video to promote Rebecca Sawdon’s solo dance show “Surfacing” in October 2014. I had a lot of fun moving the camera about to really pull the viewer into the world of the performer. It was a challenge to …

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WCD premieres CRUTCH

This incredibly powerful show was a pleasure to shoot, and the end result is kind of fantastic. Debbie Patterson and Johanna Riley come together in this work by Brent Lott, Artistic Director of Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers.

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The Presider

A collaborative creation with Winnipeg-based dancer Kelsey Todd, finished January 2014. This short film (5:35 min) represents a modern woman’s navigation through the expectations of a society steeped in tradition: religious and otherwise. Excerpts of this film can be seen …

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Music video directed and shot by Kayla Jeanson for KayR song “Doubt” ft. David James.

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Set and Re-Set

This is a short video I shot and edited featuring some of the highlights from Jolene Bailie’s site-specific contemporary dance work “Set and Re-Set” (part of Nuit Blanche at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2013). There was a lot of great …

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Jolene Bailie’s INSPIRO

Shot and edited highlights from Jolene Bailie’s latest contemporary dance work, INSPIRO.

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Ohm the Dragon

A short documentary following the Ohm the Interactive Dragon (a creation of PO-MO Inc.) at Winnipeg Folk Fest, July 2011.

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Le Dernier Soir

A music video created for Bazen en Helden, an amazing electronic music trio from the Netherlands (they are now known as Ducked Ape). I worked with PO-MO and a bunch of amazing kids that volunteered their time to make masks …

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PO-MO’s TEDx Presentation

For their presentation at TEDx Winnipeg, my friends at PO-MO Inc. invited Gus and Reuben, two 8 year old twin brothers who were recently diagnosed with Aspergers, to come to their office and design their own interactive floor games. This …

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Rihanna “Loud” Workshop

A short documentary about UN1TE Dance Company’s Rihanna “Loud” Tour hip hop dance workshop in Winnipeg, Manitoba (June 17, 2011). Features interviews and solos by Christian Owens and Tony Bellissimo. Camera by Mark Neufeld, post-production by me.

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Art and Soul 2011

Documented PO-MO Inc.’s various installations at the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s annual fundraising party, Art and Soul (February 26. 2011). Speed-edited this video, which owes some of its success to the mashup (by DJ Fanfaroff). PO-MO Inc. specializes in motion, sound, …