PO-MO’s Lumo IndieGoGo!

Me and Po-Mo go wayyyy back. I started doing video work for them before they were a company, way back before they made a toy called the Lumo. It’s easy to make videos of interesting things, but the Lumo presented a new challenge: how do we create a commercial that covers all the features of a toy that really needs to be experienced to be understood?

From scripting in pre-production,┬áto directing on set, to editing in post;┬áthis video is my baby, and I’m proud of it.

What did I learn on this project? I learned that kids birthday party scenes are tough to direct. I learned the importance of production insurance. I learned that a conversational take is an important one to get. And I learned that to make money, you gotta sacrifice a bit.

Now, go get thyself a Lumo! There are only 9 days left on the campaign, so help the company reach their goal!