My film with Hana Lulu

Bands vs. Filmmakers IV was over 1 month ago, but I’m still kind of recovering from the heavy amounts of work that May presented me. I was working 14 hour days while trying to finish this film, and I honestly couldn’t have done it without the support of the wonderful Rylaan Gimby.

Hana Lulu was a great band to work with – they let me do whatever the hell I wanted, and it was interesting to watch the work evolve in relation to the lyrics of their music. I could have made a super flashy dance video, but I really wanted to explore a narrative of sorts.

About a third of the footage (featuring the lovely Aureliane Bottero, our “protagonist”, in front of a passing train) was shot in 2011 or 2012 (I can’t even remember).

The smoky leg footage (featuring Kelsey Todd) is from a shoot that I did for The Presider. It was originally going to be a part of that project, but in post-production it just didn’t add up.

The rest was shot in the weeks leading up to the Bands vs Filmmakers event. I selected friends of mine from the School of Contemporary Dancers, made them do things in the streets and parks, and followed them to their graduation shoot.

This news article discusses the background of the piece in greater detail.