Editing a montage

There is a particular art to the musical montage. One mistake that¬†editors often make is that they cut to the song right away. It’s easiest to see the most visually interesting clips when you take away the influence of music. Later, you can put the music under it and move things around to see what works best.

Don’t hang onto bad clips just because they work musically.¬†There is usually a better option.

When a video is cut sharply to the rhythm, it can start to feel predictable. So, while cutting on the beat can be really effective times, it’s probably good to mix it up and shift the edits so you don’t draw too much attention to the – unless you want to make something really bold.

Then there are times that you just NEVER add in music.

Pacing is even more crucial here… you can’t rely on music to tell a story or define an emotional arc. This video was a particular challenge because there were so many elements to Jolene’s work that I wanted to showcase. In the end, I think I created something pretty bizarre and fun that will hopefully entice some audiences.