Dance Works

Plays Herself (work in progress)

Image from solo work, a split leap
Photo courtesy of Festival Quartiers Danses.

Plays Herself is a solo that asks the question: “What motivates our hands to sometimes act against our knowing or wishes?”

and also, “Isn’t it kind of funny?”

This piece is currently in development.

New Humans (2020)

A still from New Humans dance duet
Photo by Cecile Andreu.

New Humans is a dance duet with an aerial straps artist that explores identity and how two humans reinvent themselves by working together. It is a snapshot of continual movement research by Kayla Jeanson and Abadi Al-Obaidi.

Watch New Humans on Instagram.

Exposed Nerves (2019)

The choreography for Madison Thomas’ short film Exposed Nerves was created to explore the vastly different experiences of someone with Bipolar Disorder. Performed by Alex Winters, Amy Donnelly, and Warren McClelland.

Watch the film on CBC’s website.