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About Me

I will admit it: I am a dance school dropout. Not because I didn’t love the craft of human movement, but because I felt the limitations of my body every time I danced for an audience. I wanted to reach further and further, beyond the audience in the theatre – to you, halfway across the world. We may not speak the same language, but we understand each other, you and I.


So, I became a film director.


I make films, television bits, and videos for the web. My work has been seen on CBC and APTN, as well as a bunch of festivals around the world. I am in development on my first feature film, A Doll’s House. I am also working on a web video project called Dances With Games.


I choreograph, shoot, and edit. My choreography for Madison Thomas’ short film Exposed Nerves has received a ton of positive feedback for its portrayal of bipolar disorder. I received an award for my first film’s cinematography when I was student at the University of Manitoba. And editing… editing is my favourite thing. Editing is a magical craft, and I love when the pieces align and the blissful feeling of order in a chaotic world.


And that is essentially what we are all trying to do, right? Make sense of what is happening? Whether it’s documentary or narrative or experimental, the work that speaks strongest is the one that shows that it is thinking and feeling and breathing.


I hope my work does that.


For more information, please see my CV.