Interdisciplinary artist in dance, video, and theatre | About
Kayla Jeanson is a multidisciplinary artist in dance, film, and circus, who specializes in documentary video of live arts and contemporary choreography.
Kayla Jeanson, dance, choreography, video, artist, videgrapher, circus, cirque du soleil, contemporary, film, filmmaker, winnipeg, montreal, canada, canadian, creator, documentary
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Kayla Jeanson is a multidisciplinary artist from Winnipeg who works in dance, theatre, circus, and film. Her independently produced work defies genre boundaries, traversing the fine line between documentary and fiction and incorporating her dance choreography in unexpected ways. Incorporating video into live productions, Kayla has collaborated with internationally renowned artists including Silvia Gertrúdix González, Peter Quanz, Ming Hon, Danielle Sturk, and Stephanie Ballard. 

Through an extensive career in videography, Kayla has watched and rewatched tens of thousands of hours of performances by companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Le Monastère Cabaret du Cirque, Toronto Dance Theatre, and Montreal Danse. She was hired in 2019 as video documentalist for Cirque du Soleil to assist the creation teams of Alegria, Axel, and Drawn to Life, filming behind the scenes with an eye toward learning the craft of circus production. 

Through the support of Young Lungs Dance Exchange and a mentorship with Freya Bjorg Olafson, Kayla created an experimental videodance work Labyrinthitis in 2017, which employed a post-production stabilization technique that was ahead of its time. Her short film and video work has screened internationally at festivals including IndieCork Festival (UK), San Diego Underground Film Festival, Backup_festival (Germany), Melbourne Underground Film Festival, Rendezvous with Madness (Toronto), Screamdance (Brooklyn), and Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Most notably, her dance/poetry film Descrambled Eggs was awarded the O’Bheal Poetry Film Award in 2017, and her choreography for Madison Thomas’ film Exposed Nerves has been featured by CBC online. 

Kayla studied modern dance at the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg and holds a B.A. (Adv) in Film Studies from the University of Manitoba. She is now training in circus arts, both in aerial straps and ground acrobatics, to launch her physical practice further and produce works that push the boundaries of dance. She is currently developing a straps duo with Abadi Al-Obaidi, as well as producing numerous short circus films like Marie-Ève Dicaire’s Entre Deux Ciels.

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